September 6-14
September 16-24
Vision Quest Svaneti
Svaneti, Georgia
Rite of passage for men to find courage for the next step
What does it mean for you to be a man?
What does maturity, honesty, strength, brotherhood mean to you?
What do you know about male friendship?
Do you know how to love?
Can you feel?
Did you dream of becoming a magician or sorcerer?
Do you want to save the world?
Do you long for freedom?
Whatever your impulse, you are drawn over the edge of your usual life. Otherwise, why are you reading this?

You know for sure that there is something else in your life, new opportunities, new development, new success, love that burns, power that makes you drunk, wisdom that soothes you. All you need is just opening your eyes.

If so, maybe you're ready to quest for your vision.

Vision quest is the oldest form
of initiation of boys into men
Vision quest is the oldest form of initiation of boys into men. This ritual existed in all cultures from time immemorial and has been preserved to this day by some cultures. It is based on three principles: solitude, fast, and exposure to wild nature. The boy, left alone against the power of the nature, leaves a life in which he depended on his mother and demanded that the tribe serve his needs. Instead, the young man having faced his fear enters a new life, where he accepts to serve his future family, his tribe and his land. He returns to the village as a mature man.

In modern culture there are no processes that would help a man move from adolescence to maturity. Therefore, many immature men continue to play cars or war, having lived up to gray hair, but having no idea what it means to be a husband, a father, a leader.
We recreated the ancient ritual, adapting it to modern conditions. Now, any man who hears the call to act can go on a quest for the vision.
The place
Mestia is a small cozy village and ski resort in Svaneti in the north-west of Georgia, surrounded on all sides by the mountains of the Caucasus.

Place for a hike is not chosen by chance. Svans - an extraordinarily beautiful, proud and courageous people, saturated with legends, live in harsh and majestic nature. The whole setup helps the hero to part with illusions and gain wisdom and courage.
What will happen?
You will become a member of a group of men with whom you will share all the stages of the journey. We will create a container of trust and challenge: a safe space that will support and guide you on the journey.
Then we hike to the formidable and majestic mountains of Svaneti under the supervision of an experienced guide, where we continue to prepare for the main stage of the trip: solo.
First we gather in the hospitable mountain town of Mestia, where we meet and start preparations for the hike.
Coming down from the mountains, you bring a new knowledge about yourself and your next step. This knowledge will now guide you through life.
During solo you spend 24 hours alone in the wild without food or shelter. As a rule, at this stage, the man receives an answer to his request, although some people begin to receive a vision at the preparatory stage or upon returning home.

About Us
The project "Coaching Beyond" is a holistic approach to the development of a mature and healthy personality. We help bold people to become bolder to live a life full of opportunities and accomplishments.

Vision Quest Guide: Alexander Baranov, Executive Coach, MBA, CFA

20+ years experience in corporate finance, investment banking, entrepreneurship, and business consulting.

10+ years experience in conscious living practices including Oriental studies, body-mind practice, masculinity studies, shamanic studies

Co-active coach with the Coach Training Institute (CTI) and Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSCTM)
Author of the book and the blog "Шаг за Край" (Step beyond the edge)

Leader and Facilitator at numerous conferences, workshops, and retreats on leadership and life management

Founder of Berlin Men's Group and WeCoach Berlin Group

"Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removingimpossible obstacles. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it's afeather bed."

— Terrance McKenna
The Program
Dates for the Program 2019
Group 1: September 6-14
Group 2: September 16-24
Day 1
Day 1
arrival in Mestia, meeting
Day 2-3
Day 2-3
the beginning of program, group work in Mestia
Day 4-8
Day 4-8
transfer to base camp, ascent, group work, solo, return to Mestia
Day 9
Day 9
end of program, departure
What others say
After clicking on the "Sign up" button, you will receive an instruction with further steps to the specified mail.
720 €
Included in the price:
preparation for the campaign and follow ups (group online meetings, emails)
7-day program
local guide services
accommodation and meals
equipment rental
Reserve your spot
On average, the cost of accommodation, meals, transfers, and rent during the program is about 30 euro per day.

To confirm participation, please pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the cost at registration and the remaining 50% before the start of the program.
transfers to Mestia and the base camp
Not included:
air tickets
Cost of participation
The cost of participation when paying a deposit for three months before the start of the program: 600 euro.
What to take with me?
In general, you need to take everything that is usually taken for a short hike in nature with a tent. The main thing is to dress warm and dry, the weather in the mountains is unpredictable. We will send a detailed list after registration.
How to get to Mestia?
You can get to Mestia from any airport of Georgia (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi) by a minbus. From Tbilisi, you can also take a overnight train to Zugdidi and then transfer to a minibus. We will send the details after registration.
Do I need to have special physical training?
No, the trip is physically accessible for any healthy person without special physical training. We will hike uphill for 2-3 hours with backpacks weighing about 10 kg and we will have several walks in the mountains without backpacks.
I'm not sure if I need to go, how can I decide?
Your ardent desire is the main condition for the participation and success of the quest. It may sound like "Hell, yes!". If you think about it too long, weigh pros and cons, worry about living conditions and other details, most likely you shouldn't go on the quest yet.
How safe is the trip?
The trip should not be more dangerous than any hike in nature with a tent. Safety will be provided by an experienced guide, the camp site and the solo spot is chosen away from wildlife and tourists. in the classic vision quest, solo takes 3-4 days, so in our version, 24 hours without food is not particularly difficult. At the time of solo, you will be close from the base camp, plus we will set up an emergency alert system.
I have health problems, can I participate?
Your health is your responsibility. If you have health concerns, consult with your doctor first.
"The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure."

— Joseph Campbell
What's next?
If you feel that you want the Quest, send an application. Alexander will contact you personally for a short interview. In 2019, we have two groups of eight people each. We want to put together a strong group, in which you will be safe, consisting of men, with whom you can make friends on the quest and long after.
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